Cointiply has been around since 2017, and it has evolved significantly since then. When it first began, it featured a very complicated mining game. They were very generous about the amount of Coins they offered to their customers, and Cointiply suffered significant financial losses as a result. They learned from their errors and completely disabled the mining game, replacing it with other features such as offerwalls.

Since it demonstrates that the Cointiply administrators are committed to keeping it running. They may have pulled their website from the internet, but instead choose to accept their losses and make the best of it. That’s unique in the world of faucets, and it demonstrates the admins’ commitment. It also demonstrates that Cointiply is a legal company that can cost you.

How do you collect Bitcoin at Cointiply?

To begin with, at Cointiply, you do not win Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. There are Coins to be earned there. When you plan to cash out, you can choose between Bitcoin and Dogecoin. The sum you get is determined by the current market valuation of the cryptocurrency you want. The Coins have a set value in dollars, with 10000 Coins equaling one dollar. Cointiply offers many ways to earn Coins, the most common of which is through their faucet.

The frequency at which you may make a claim is determined by your government. It ranges from 1 to 12 hours. You roll a dice between 1 and 99999, and the higher the amount you roll, the more Coins you get.

You win the jackpot if you roll a total of 99999. We never hit the jackpot, but we did hit a high enough score to earn 103 Coins and the bonus. For a lucky roll, you can get over 200 Coins (approximately 2 Cent) all at once, which is a lot for a faucet. As a result, Cointiply is the top paid faucet available.

roll numbers in cointiply

There are two bonuses available. The first is a loyalty bonus. You get 1% extra per lawsuit, up to 100%, for each day you file a claim. The Cointiplier is the second bonus you get. Our new Cointiplier is 1.44, as seen in the screenshot. As a result, we get 9 coins per regular roll. The value you get for a roll increases as the Cointiplier increases. Your Cointiplier is determined automatically, but they do not tell you how. That’s a bummer, but even with a poor Cointiplier, rolling the faucet at least once a day is always a smart idea.

There are also several PTC Ads where you can collect Coins. Simply visit the platform, wait a few seconds, and solve the captcha to be awarded. You are not required to keep the site in focus; you can search other websites whilst you wait.

There are also the standard offerwalls, where you complete various tasks and are compensated in Coins. Remember that the offerwalls are simply embedded. That means that if you have a problem with an offerwall, you must contact them directly. The Cointiply administrators are unable to assist you with issues relating to offerwalls.

  • Roll Numbers (faucet)
  • Paid to Click ads
  • Offerwall (Survey/Install App)
  • Coin Rain (For most active user)
  • Multiply Coins
  • Play Games
  • Watching Videos
  • Redeem Promo code
  • Earn Interest (Stake)

  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin

  • Bitcoin (Wallet)
  • Dogecoin (Wallet)


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