We keep our precious cryptocurrencies in a variety of wallets. In this situation, we must maintain the safety of our wallet. I’ve come up with a few suggestions to let you protect your wallet:

1. Hardware Crypto Wallet

It is preferable to choose a hardware wallet over a software wallet as it is more stable. Yes, we would pay for this, but if you consider the security of your money, you would be willing to purchase a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano S/ TREZOR.

2. Download and install the Chrome Extension

We may avoid being compromised by downloading and installing the Chrome extension. You should add the Mew chrome extension and the MetaMask chrome extension.

3. Save the original website as a bookmark

We can bookmark all of the important / legitimate websites that we need to visit on a regular basis. We can use certain bookmarked sites without having to enter any information manually.

4. Balance Check

It is not important to insert our private key any time we want to check our balance. We can conveniently verify our balance and transactions by going to:

a. https://etherscan.io/

b. https://bscscan.com/

c. https://tronscan.org/

d. Blockchain Explorer (https://www.blockchain.com/explorer)

We will use our private key throughout the transaction. If at all necessary, keep the private key disconnected.

5. Do not rely solely on SSL

The use of an SSL certificate would not guarantee that a website is fully stable. Purchasing an SSL certificate is a simple process. Before entering the private key, we can double-check the site.

6. Avoid Clicking on Appealing Offers

When searching, we come across several intriguing deals that we can avoid clicking on and no one can give you free money if you don’t do something. We occasionally receive such crap deals via gmail/social media. In addition, we should be more cautious when installing some app or file.

7. Enable two-factor authentication.

It is critical to allow 2FA if our wallet supports this function. As a two-factor authentication tool, we can use Google Authenticator, a cell phone number, and Gmail.

8. Don’t Use Free WiFi.

We should not use free wifi at all, because by doing so, we risk losing important personal info. Hackers may use this information to gain access to your wallet.

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